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It is the Beginning of June, People!. June 2011!, and already we can kind of get an idea as to just what kind of campaign this election cycle of 2012 is going to be. Both Parties are doing their best to appear to be doing their jobs. ( and in a choice few instances succeeding! ), while in actuality, running around with only one word pulsating through every bone in their corrupt, misrepresenting, over-reaching bodies- “Re Election!” Read the rest of this entry »

This morning, as I write this column, it is Saturday the 21st of May. A day that has been proclaimed, predicted, and heavily reported as the “Rapture”, The biblical end of days. The day when the Earth will rattle, and mankind will receive the wrath and judgement from the heavens.

This proclamation, made by Harold Camper, an 89 year old religious radio station owner and pastor, has sparked many various responses across the Nation and the world. Further fueled by a very expensive ad campaign broadcasting his prediction of today’s Armageddon, people everywhere are either righting themselves with the lives they have lived, openly scoffing at the whole idea, or in many cases, planning “Rapture Parties” to go out with a bang.
In my younger days, believe me when I say, that I would not only have attended just such a Rapture Party, I would likely have hosted one, complete with appropriate music selections played throughout. Songs like Blondie’s “Rapture”, “The End” by the Doors, Sinatra’s “My Way” and of course, “Bat out of Hell” by Meatloaf. 
My food selection would of course have included each and every item that the FDA has warned us against for the last thirty years, mandatory chain smoking, and party games like ” Run with the scissors” and ” Playing with Matches ” would have highlited the festivities.
But, I realized as I woke this morning, in considering all of this, that I am NOT a younger man. I am now 50 years old, and on the “OFF CHANCE” that there may be something to all of this Rapture stuff, and considering the many events that a person might involve themselves in a life of fifty years or more, I decided that perhaps it might be a good time to come to some personal amends. Just in case!
So with that in mind, I begin my “Mending”, by first thanking all of those people who have been influential in my life. I believe that not giving thanks, is just as negative a condemnation upon ourselves, as any actions we may engage in, So thank you all.
Perception tell us, that this Rapture is just another name for “Judgement Day”, the ultimate atonement, and so I feel that I should perhaps acknowledge and ask forgiveness to some people, and for certain events in my life, that may cause me to end up in the wrong line as the  decisions of this monumental day are being made.
For instance, To the guy in sixth grade, who once sucker punched me while on a March of Dimes Walk-a-thon, I have since that time, held a deep  grudge, hoping that our paths would cross again and I might be afforded retribution. That was wrong of me, and I should not have done it. ( I should have sought you out much sooner! )
To the store owners, who’s ad placed on their window declaring that they were a place to ” return empty coke bottles for deposit “, caused a nine year old me to realize that five cents a bottle was a lot of money, and that if I could carefully sneak away with some of the bottles already returned and stacked out front, and then somehow re-return them, that this in my young mind, was a boondoggle.
In actuality, it was stealing. Plain and simple. I knew this, even before the phone call made to my Mother, but it was not until after the shame felt having to admit it to my Mother, did it truly sink in. I learned an important lesson that day about stealing, AND, the process used by Grocers to mark “previously returned bottles” as such.
During my years of young adulthood, as I and my friends engaged in the activity of pot smoking, there were times when I was the one who was in charge of obtaining such product. We all did it from time to time, depending on who had it to sell, and which of our group of friends knew that person better. It was simple Supply side economics, and as the “middle man” who could not afford such things at that given time, one would sometimes “pinch” just enough from the bag before delivery, to ensure you had that private joint for later.
This act of “pinching”, especially in light of the fact that We all partook of the acquired product, was a dishonesty towards friends, and wrong. It might not seem a big deal now, but to slight friends in such an exchange, dampens one’s integrity, and for personally engaging in this activity, I hereby apologize, and hope to make amends. ( PS.  To my friends, I  know that  my bags were a little “Light” sometimes too,   and I forgive you! “)
Now, I know that these examples may not be the huge types of situations that one thinks of when making any such ” Pre-Rapture” atonement, but at their core, they are direct examples of how holding a grudge, and hating, or stealing, or even lying to one’s friends or anyone else, can mar one’s soul. We should all learn from our failings and weaknesses, using them as moments of growth or “life-lessons”, designed to better prepare us for the Judgment Day.
So, on the off chance that this retired civil engineer, who has forecasted today as the Day of all Days, the End of Times, the Rapture, is accurate, I hope that I  have in some way cleared the path for my inevitable acceptance as one of the good guys and all that that entails. If I am right, and this old Prophet is correct, well then I may have saved my soul for all eternity, and hope you have done the same.
But, If I am wrong, If this old man is wrong, and the world has not ended Today!. The Rapture has not occurred, and you are still here, reading this column on the Tuesday following this predicted end of days.   Well then,…. “NeverMind! “. ( and to the guy from the Walk-a-thon in 1973, …”I’m still here Dude! …Anytime! “)
While the title of this column alone, conjures up for many, the image of a long scrolling list, similar in length to perhaps, Santa’s “Naughty & Nice Ledger”, ( a fairly accurate representation ), there is perhaps a more cohesive way to compartmentalize this litany of reasons, by recognizing that the primary failure of the Obama Re-election effort (and first term for that matter ), is in it’s DISCONNECT from the desires, concerns and historical expectations of average citizens. Read the rest of this entry »
With the exception of the occasional story of a kid being attacked by a leopard at the Kansas Zoo, or minimal coverage of the massive flooding slowly working it’s way down the Mississippi River, ( Yeah, heading our way too! ), the National Media has for the most part focused almost every waking and broadcast moment reporting on, and dissecting, every facet and subsequent nuance of the death of Usama Bin Laden. Read the rest of this entry »