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E Pluribus Unum!…That sentence, that short Latin phrase, that we Americans have used and respected as not only our National Motto, but more so, an additional guideline as to how this Nation was intended to exist, is itself not only forgotten by many, it is also being manipulated and misrepresented in numerous ways by those We send to Washington and the White house as OUR representatives..

What was once, ( and fortunately is still to many ) the aspect of our Country that has separated and distinguished us from all others, and was and remains critical to the ingenuity and self-driven entrepreneurship that is at the core of our exceptionalism as a Nation, has been bastardized and assaulted by Politicians who think, ( and shamefully so ), that they can divide Us according to various metrics, plying one group against the other, in order to manipulate the electorate towards their favor, and retain power, office, and the financial benefits of such corruption that floods the swamp called Washington. Read the rest of this entry »

While watching a recent “Pundit Panel” of supposed experts and Journalists discussing the ongoing battle between Boeing and the NLRB ( National Labor Review Board), a truly tyrannical event in which this Government Agency is trying to prevent Boeing from Creating ‘Non-Union” Jobs in South Carolina, something the Liberal leaning and heavily Union Sympathetic and Staffed Agency cannot abide, I was struck by a statement made by Mr. Weisman of the Wall Street Journal. Read the rest of this entry »

For the last two weeks, I have focused my columns on the Media in America, detailing their bias coverage, and what I ( and many others ) perceive as their collusion with the Political Parties and Individual Politicians they choose to cover. ( I say choose, because any who watch, know that there are certain occasions when such coverage is minuscule, if not ignored altogether in some protectionist role.)

Today, I would like to direct our focus, not so much on the stories that they cover ( or not cover ) , but more perhaps, a look at who is driving all of this media madness and more so, to what end.  Read the rest of this entry »

With each passing day, those of us who do try and pay attention to the many various intricacies of our Nation, our Governance, and most especially our current and ongoing economic strife, may find it harder and harder to keep up.  

Each new twist and turn, forces you to backup, rethink what you thought yesterday, re-access the information that was reported, and invariably, how it was spun by either side trying to advance their individual cause or agenda. Read the rest of this entry »