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Ever since the election of 2008, from the moment Mr. Obama stepped into the Whitehouse, He, every member of his staff and administration, and the overwhelming majority of his allies in the coddling press, seemed to have a solid knee-jerk response to any and all questions about their plans, initiatives, and their ultimate and undeniable failures of each, to effect any positive change to the nose-dive in trajectory, that our economy, unemployment situation and housing markets have and continue to experience. Their patent answer: It’s Bush’s fault! Read the rest of this entry »

Without much disagreement, the number one issue, both considered by a vast amount of Americans, and covered by our various media concerns, is the ongoing  “paddle ball” debate over the debt ceiling, debt crisis, and indeed the very way we will continue or alter our Government’s budgeting and spending habits.
We have seen during this whole fiasco, a full fledged visible representation of everything about Washington that we loath, displayed in near daily accounts, as both major parties and the Administration itself, seem unable, or more evidently ” UNWILLING “,  to put their partisan politics and campaign rhetoric aside, and do what is actually BEST for America, for a change. Read the rest of this entry »

Today (Friday), Americans across the Nation,  sit poised and positioned on our couches, waiting for the first of three press briefings, by the parties involved in the ongoing and often tenuous, Debt Crisis Talks ( or Dance of 1000 veiled threats, if you prefer ). 

 The GOP led by Rep. Boehner, The Senate leader Sen.Harry Reid with his counterpart in the house Rep. Nancy Pelosi,  and The President, all coming to the microphones before today’s scheduled meeting of the mimes. ( basically, 3 groups trapped in an imaginary “Box”, trying to appear as if they are trying to get out, when in reality, all they are actually interested in, is STAYING IN. ) Read the rest of this entry »

“Unemployment and Jobs Will Not Be A Factor in the Election of 2012!” and “These people are not interested in GDP!”  Even as my ears were taking in this intellectually insulting message of lunacy and condecension from Obama’s Sr. Political Advisor David Plouffe last Thursday, the bullcrap-ometer in my head was sounding off like air raid sirens during the blitzkreig. ( This just one day before we  reached 9.2% unemployment AGAIN! )

He continued and offered in further contrast, that “People will instead, be voting on How Mr. Obama’s Policies are effecting them directly, On their own Situations.”  As if there is some huge divide between the two? ( HE assumes, as most of these Elitists do, that we are too stupid to understand all of this, beyond it’s direct effect upon our daily lives, and will not see the abysmal report of only 15,000 jobs created in June as a “BAD THING!) Read the rest of this entry »

This conversation, debate, game of “Chicken”, or whatever the hell you wanna call this “creampie of crap” that is going on in Washington, over whether to raise the debt ceiling or not?, by how much? and what spending cuts/tax increases will be tied to it?, is quickly reaching it’s latest ( Geithner revised ) “deadline” of Aug. 2nd., and amidst the cries and calls for action to avert such a crisis, Congress once again does what they seem to do best,  going on Vacation, leaving Washington virtually stagnant for two weeks. ( At least that was STILL the plan at Press time. ) Read the rest of this entry »