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This week, as  America recalls the Ten Year Memoriam of the attacks of 9/11, we will see many reports, documentaries and replays of  the events of, and many of those that have happened since, that tragic day in recent American History. We may even get to see the footage of the attacks once again, a unique occurrence, as such viewing by Americans, has been closely shielded and limited by many in the media and within our Government,  ” For Our Own Good” of course!. ( insert cynicism here! ) Read the rest of this entry »


The President has just completed his “Jobs” Bus Tour ( Taxpayer funded Campaign Events! ), in which he has directed most of his attention, and “Blame” for our current situation, on Congress ( and every natural and man-made occurrence from around the globe ). Surmising that if THEY do not implement his “Yet to be detailed Jobs Plan”, upon their return, that they are in effect a “Do Nothing Congress!,( that’s Obama’s new codename for the overbearing and dominating Republicans, who hold a whopping 2/3’s  of 1/3 of our total Government ),  and further stated that it is against “them” that he will be running in the upcoming election of 2012. ( How creatively convenient! ) Read the rest of this entry »
Americans are all, now poised, prepped and positioned, for the day when Congress returns from their August vacations, ( including a taxpayer funded trip to Hawaii by Senate Democrats to discuss “Indian Affairs” ), and once again return to Washington, to begin the implementation of the Debt Ceiling Deal ( ripoff! ), that was forged in the last hours, of the last day, of the Politically manufactured crisis of last month. Read the rest of this entry »

As of last Friday, it is official! Obama is indeed a ” Historical ” President. For the first time in United States History the credit rating of the USA has been downgraded from ” AAA to AA+ “. An action that will certainly see interests rate for borrowing rise, which will have ironically the “Keynesian” effect that these Progressives seem to love so much, by sharing the increased cost of borrowing, and it’s rippling effects to every citizen, especially those hardest hit by the already declining economy and it’s inflationary burdens, as everything is already costing more at a time when we have less. Read the rest of this entry »