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Since before the beginning of 2006,  Barack Obama began his pursuit of the White house and the Presidency. A two year plus campaign, that culminated with his victory in 2008, placing him firmly at the mantle of our Nation’s Governance, in the January of 2009 that followed. Read the rest of this entry »

On Monday the 19th, Mr. Obama unveiled in detail his newest plan for America. I use that term “Newest” kind of loosely here, as It is nothing more than the same basic plan they have been trying to jam the American population with for the last three years. ( and exactly what YOU yourself Mr. Obama, have said repeatedly is the “Last thing you do in a faltering economy!” …but I digress!  ) Read the rest of this entry »

Since last Thursday, the airwaves, print media, blogosphere, coffee houses and dinner tables across America, have been “abuzz”,  with the dissection and assessment of Mr. Obama’s “Job’s Speech” to the Joint Session of Congress.

This coming Thursday night, is a very important night for America. A night of major importance, as to how the mood in America will change for the rest of this year and into the beginning of next. This Thursday night is the official beginning of the 2011 Football Season, a night in which we will see our beloved New Orleans Saints, take on last season’s Super Bowl Champs -The Green Bay Slackers! ( No typo here folks.. I meant what I said! ) Read the rest of this entry »