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Late last week, President Obama “proudly”, and in full campaign bluster, stood to tell all Americans, that as “Promised”, “All of our troops will be coming home from Iraq by the end of this year! “.  Sounds Nice doesn’t it?  And for the far left zealots, of which he must count on even more in this campaign cycle,  it is pure “red meat”. Read the rest of this entry »

Peter, Paul and Mary once sang that ” The Answer is Blowin’ In the Wind”. But, If you were to walk outside and feel that wind upon your face today, you might also detect a slight, yet discernable stench blowing in as well. That stench, would be coming from Wall Street, where hundreds of members of the “Occupy Wall Street Protests” have apparently taken up residence, as part of their bathless barrage against Capitalism Overall, and the Wealthy more particularly. Read the rest of this entry »

Regardless of the poll you quote, the news coverage, ( or lack thereof ), that you recall, or even your own valuable time spent watching the goings on in “WashiCago”, there is an ever increasing reality coming to the forefront of our combined public consciousness. And that realization is that this Administration, which claimed, and “promised” to be the antithesis of the typical Government, that we had come to know and revile, is indeed not only More of the Same!, it is in reality, a prime example of One of the Worse, Incompetent, Divisive and Corrupt Regimes to date. Read the rest of this entry »