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Grab your popcorn folks!, and settle in, as Americans from coast to coast, are engaged in watching one of the worst, ( and scariest ) Double Features of all time.

On one screen, we have the GOP candidates, starring in “The War Wagon  Meets The Santa Fe Trail “, as they traverse the primary states, taking pot shots at each other, each hoping to rise to to the top and be the last man standing on the hill. ( sadly, None of these guys is John Wayne, much less  Ronald Reagan. ) Read the rest of this entry »

Although, We may all find our eyes drawn towards the GOP Primary race, by 24 hr media coverage and typical human interest that causes us to watch a train wreck, one thing is most certainly true. The campaigns of 2012, whether at the Presidential, Congressional or State levels, are in full swing, in every corner of our Nation. ( You can almost hear  “Truth” crying in the darkness, for fear of being forgotten.) Read the rest of this entry »

Each day, in countless methods and manner, We have the opportunities, ( hundreds of them it seems ), to witness the unabashed dissection of each of the individual candidates, attempting to be the GOP’s primary winner, and ultimately it’s challenger to Mr. Obama in the upcoming national elections, in November of this year. Read the rest of this entry »

 The GOP primary has finally reached the point, where votes are actually being cast. ( I know, it seems like it started 5 years ago.)  Citizens of Iowa, ( all 350 of them ), will be the first to decide, who the GOP candidate might be, to later challenge President Obama, in the National Election this coming November. Read the rest of this entry »