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In the past few days, it was announced, that $150 Billion additional dollars, would be given to the struggling, ( and many say “Falling” ) Country of Greece. You know, the place where they ( like us and many others ), have overextended their ability to pay for what they as a Government have promised, so much so, that their economies, ( and ours, and any others tied to them ), are also in dire and critical situations. Read the rest of this entry »
“Anyone But Obama!”   This for many, is the battle cry of the upcoming election in November, as this Nation is divided “almost evenly”, between those who ( for whatever reasons, need for the ever increasing entitlements,  or belief in the official administration propaganda), see Mr. Obama as the “Savior of America”,  needing only just four more years to complete his tasks, and those others, who quite honestly, see him and his administration, as the antithesis of Freedom, and the Constitutional Republic , that our Country has always been. Read the rest of this entry »