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President Obama, and his loyal sycophants ( including the Media ) are in FULL CAMPAIGN MODE!  ( as if they were ever NOT! ) and, are each in their own way, covering the Nation with their message, ( lie ), that the economy and life in America is getting BETTER, due to the policies and actions of his Majesty, the Marxist. Read the rest of this entry »

“There is nothing the President can do, that will have any effect on Gas Prices! ‘    The words seem to flow from every direction of this Administration, Campaign, Leftist Supporters,  and Complicit Propaganda, (” I mean Media”  )  Machine.  Words that in this citizen’s opinion, are some of the MOST IGNORANT, DECEITFUL and DEFEATIST, that have spewed forth from this President, in both his Presidency, and this, his mad frantic dash to gain re-election without having to ever take responsibility fo any ills. Read the rest of this entry »

For most, if not every waking moment of the last two weeks, Americans, guided and carefully prompted by the Main Stream Obama-Media, have been focused, ( like stunned deer in headlights ), on what was a manufactured debate about contraception, turned assault on the conservative commentator “Rush Limbaugh”, for having the nerve, dare I say courage, to focus his brand of scrutiny upon the game and it’s players. Read the rest of this entry »

 There are some certainties in life – Death and Taxes, The near immediate cancellation of ANY  television program that you happen to love, Anything you really like to do,  will be declared ” Bad For Your Health” by the FDA,  You WILL notice each and every cute butt that comes within “radar range”,  and the most certain of all, that Political Campaigns bring out not the BEST in each of Us… But the Worst!

We as a PEOPLE, are in far too many instances, repeatedly, and sadly stated, “easily” manipulated, by the elitists at the top. Those, who are either part of our Government Machine, or who from this “Machine”, benefit financially or professionally, in an incalculable proportion, far more than any “Average” citizen.
We have not only succumbed to this “manipulation”, we have made it “EASY” for them.  They know,  that though you may not be able to Take a Man’s Freedom..  He may, if prodded just right, in the right direction, to where he is eventually boxed in socially, economically or personally,  He May, for a promise to ease his periceved suffering by a Government,  “Negotiate it away!” 
 And now, We have been groomed, both willingly and in some cases unwillingly, to forget, to repress, and even deny from some promoted sense of guilt or political correctness, the exact same facets of being “American”, that help us to protect and defend against such a Machine.
We hear everyday how “this” or “that”  is now offensive, and must be removed. Forgetting that in a “FREE” society, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT…to be offended. but, that does not authorize you to remove the offensive thing. You simply HAVE THE RIGHT to be offended by it.  More Power to Ya!
We know that we have the first and second amendments, which guarantee the bulk of the freedoms that we enjoy on a daily basis in our lives, yet, we so easily allow this Government to grow, looking glossy-eyed into the abyss, as it continues adding to an endless stream of agencies or divisions thereof, which have one purpose. To slowly but surely, slip their slimy tentacles of regulatory restriction, into each and every aspect of our life.
Constricting our base FREEDOMS, prohibiting personal choices, financially penalizing those who DO actually choose to maneuver themselves and actually exercise such Freedoms, and by using each newly added regulation, to further condition us, and to set the needed precedent of justification, for the next time they try to drive us even further, into this “Totalitarian Tent!”
We have always been a nation, which prided itself on our standard of ” Freedom of Religion”.  One of the driving forces that LED to our Inception, and which was so important to our nation’s sustainability, that such FREEDOM was given such High and Deliberate placement amongst the list of all FREEDOMS.
But We have ( through this conditioning towards “Political Correctness and Social Justice” , rather than “EQUAL JUSTICE” ) , allowed this “FREEDOM OF RELIGION”, to be bastardized into A Progressive “Freedom FROM Religion”.  We allow anyone offended by the symbols of a religion, to have it removed. Forgetting, that though you have THE RIGHT TO BE OFFENDED, it ends there! 
“FREEDOM OF SPEECH”.  No one enjoys using it more than I!, but some of us have forgotten what Freedom of Speech is all about. This Freedom was set aside specifically, so that No Government entity, could prevent us from detailing for all to hear, our distaste for any and all legislation, policy and excesses, that our Founders knew, any Government  made up of of weak, corruptible humans, would initiate.
We forget that it ensures for all, the Right to have our voices heard. Not to be used as a implement of slander, or lies.  In the old days such things were dealt with speedily, and severely, so abuses were few and far between. One would generally temper their tone, rather than risk a duel or other deadly challenge of Honor, common and legal then.  Now, people hide behind this FREEDOM and use it improperly to verbally assault others, or to “OCCUPY” areas where they do not belong. ( Remember, Protest is organized and generally effective!  –  Occupation is typically a tool of the Oppressor!  )  
We have forgotten, that as Americans, We are the culmination of a melting pot. A vast variety of individuals, who each bring something to the table of citizenship. Each with a desire to Be AMERICAN!  To become another example of the “Success” that this “Freedom to Try” affords us all.
Instead, We now suffer from the tragic affliction, that comes from the indoctrination, that Our “Success”,  must be also be equally as guaranteed by Government, and even Subsidized by it. This Social Justice/Fairness Doctrine, that so many are blindly buying into,  attempts to ensure Common Outcomes and Collective Parody for all. An agenda that not only mutes, but I believe, seeks to eradicate exceptionalism,  “Individual Exceptionalism” specifically. 
The concept of the “Melting Pot” is that We Become “American”. That We Become ONE!…      NOT the “SAME” One!  One in purpose and cause, but differentiated by experience and outcome.  America is supposed to be what YOU make of it. What it makes of YOU!   Not what can I GET from it?, or what does it owe ME?
We have forgotten the most important thing, the base foundation upon which all of this, our lives, our futures and our Nation’s history. All of this,  America Itself!, is founded on the fact that the “PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER”.   The power to choose our Governance. 
The problem is, that The GOVERNMENT will work tirelessly to GROW,  Never Resting. Never Sleeping!,  and We?, We have allowed ourselves to be lulled to sleep. For Decades!  And now, only a Major Overhaul and outright cleansing of Washington, from top to bottom,  and the immediate installation of  new restrictions placed UPON CONGRESS  and their financiers, will ever get the type of reform we desire, and that our Nation will soon perish without.
The type of electoral bath, upon the halls of government, that bleaches the filth from OUR Legislative Branch, while also deeply effecting both, the Executive and Judicial branches as well. 
As Americans, We have also forgotten, that it is Our Duty, Our Right, Our Responsibility to our Country, and Our Honor, to do just that!  We were given this Nation. Our only charge, was to not give it away.  Something that if forgotten much longer, will lead to the shame WE will bear, as our children and their children, suffer for our apathy.