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 Well my friends, the election is over, both sides have either taken their victory lap, or completed their inner-party collapse, and NOW!  We can finally get on with the next 4 years of the Obama Administration’s agenda and policies. The continuance of the “great successes” that the past four years have brought us.
Evident already, as we just need to take just the shortest of looks around the country and world, to witness for ourselves the occurrence of such “Great Successes!”

America is poised precariously on this so called fiscal cliff. Or as most of us know it better, ” The Can kicked too far”. We are facing everything from further credit rating drops, massive military cuts, more tax increases than you can shake a stick at, and a debt limit increase that will put us in the area of 18 trillion plus dollars.
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The election of 2012 is now our recent past. This nation divided by ideologies and ideals, is currently divided by celebration and remorse. But as we watch the victory laps on one side and third lines on the other, one thing is certain. America, as most of us knew and know it to be, is fading into the abyss.

What we have now is this New Normal. Where unemployment rates at depression levels are standard fare. An acceptable level to a Government who thinks that they can borrow our way out of anything, and never face the dire repercussions that are a certainty of such massive debt. Read the rest of this entry »
( Saturday Morning: 7:45 a.m.)  That time is relevant folks, as I am constructing this column a full 3 days before the polls open Tuesday
morning, and We Americans race to the booths to perform what is one of our most important acts as citizens of a Republic. We will cast our VOTE, and choose our governmental representation. ( or a resemble facsimile of such ).

First we must get past the natural inclination to wonder how long it will take for the high dollared special interests and lobbyists, and ” established Party Muscle” to take any new blood legislatures and turn them into the same entrenched pond scum that hold us back daily. Read the rest of this entry »