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America prepares for the New Year celebration as I sit to write this column. A year full of hope for many, and dread for as many, if not more, as we approach and most likely take the collective leap off of the so called ” fiscal cliff”. ( Does the image of lemmings rushing to their death come into your head? Or is it just me? )

Right now, all signs are pointing to a “No Solution” outcome from Washington. An outcome that many, ( myself included ), believe is EXACTLY the outcome that Mr. Obama and the Democrats desire. Or have you not noticed the way this whole discussion seem so focused on TAX HIKES and nothing else.

Early discussions and negotiations detailed a 3 to 1 approach. With $3 of Spending Cuts for every dollar of new taxation. Those numbers now reflect a one to one ratio. ( And that works out in our favor HOW? ) Read the rest of this entry »
I actually had to run to my calendar today. To check the Date, the Day and most assuredly the year. 2012?  That’s what I had thought. But, I gotta tell ya, from what I have been hearing in some quarters lately, I really had to check to be sure.
I had to make absolute positive factual determination that this was NOT 1960. Because from what I am hearing from the Media, the Female members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Elected Democrat Politicians, and leftist pundits on damn near every cable news outlet ( you know, the Obama Propaganda Organization), is that…  Anybody who is “white” and dare to question this administration or challenge it’s policies and decisions in any way, about any issue, is.. racist! Read the rest of this entry »