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Mission: equipping others to handle the stresses of today

"Who likes change?"

This was a question my teacher asked when I was eight years old. Her words, as she taught our class about change and adaptability, were some of the most foundational in my life.

The question seemed simple, but most of the class replied that they did not like change. I was one of only three students to say we thought change was good.


Her response inspired me: the ability to handle change and enjoy it was a great indicator for future success

My deep desire is to share what I've learned in how to handle change, choose growth, adapt to stress, think differently, and flourish in chaos. In this way, I aim and hope to add immense value to you and your life. 


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Russell Hebert


Passionate about growth

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Russell has spent years focusing on personal growth. His journey began when he became a Christian at age 19, and he realized how much personal development he needed to undergo. More than a decade later, he seeks to share his continual growth journey with others.

Allison Hebert


English Connoisseur

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Allison has devoted her life to writing. Since childhood, she has believed that good writing encourages growth and changes the world. After earning her degree in English and Creative Writing, she became a professional editor to help others write effectively and facilitate growth.

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